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Your way to learn Holy Quran recitation


If you are a non-Arabic language native speaker, or second-generation Arab living in Western countries, then 2LearnQuran is your 24/7 private school to learn reciting the Holy Quran properly.

The curriculum focuses on the 30th chapter of the Holy Quran. However, if you would like to learn reciting another chapter of the Holy Quran, 2Learn Quran will provide you with the training and support to enable you to recite the Holy Quran by the way of Hafs from Asim’s.

You can select the required number of sessions and book your appointment on a 24/7 basis. In the date and time, you have chosen, you will find your teacher waiting for you to start your own special journey in learning to recite the Holy Quran.

All teachers at 2LearnQuran have their university degrees and a specialized certificate in teaching reciting the Holy Quran from Al-Azhar University in Egypt to ensure the highest level of education for students.


To teach the Holy Quran recitation using a well-structured learning program by highly qualified educators, anytime, anywhere.


Make learning the Holy Quran recitation easy, affordable, and always available to everyone.


Special subscription to access the platform and benefit from its services

Your Private teacher to teach you reciting the Holy Quran 24/7

Proficiency tests before and after the completion of each Surah

Interactive lessons with your private teacher directly online

Lessons starting from the beginner level up to the advanced level

24/7 customer service

Join more than 1.8 billion Islam adherents by learning Quran.